Meisha has gone from being a pupil to doing an apprenticeship at Gainsborough Nursery School

Meisha Jackson
Meisha Jackson

After spending her childhood as a pupil at Gainsborough Nursery School, Meisha Jackson, started an apprenticeship there in 2012.

Meisha, aged 22, has lived in Gainsborough all her life and started her role at Gainsborough Nursery School when she was 17-years-old.

Meisha said: “This wasn’t the first time I had been at Nursery though, as back in 1997 I attended the Nursery from the age of three and loved every second of it.

“I have always been surrounded by children as I am the eldest of six, having three younger brothers and two younger sisters, so working with children had always interested me.

“I was excited at the fact that I would be working part time, studying Level 2 Childcare and earning money all at the same time.

“Little did I know, back in 2012, how much of an impact Gainsborough Nursery School would make on my life.”

Since 2012 the Nursery School has supported Meisha through gaining a Level 3 Childcare qualification and she is now due to graduate from a Foundation Degree specialising in Early Childhood in July 2017.

She said: “Doing a Foundation Degree is ideal because it allows me to combine workplace learning with academic study of a high level.  

“I currently work three and a half days at Nursery and spend one full day on campus at Bishop Grosseteste University in Lincoln, where I sit in the most fascinating lectures based on Early Childhood, 0 to eight-year-olds, and the theories and ideologies behind it.

“Of course, working and studying at the same time is very challenging and I have gone through stages where I thought I couldn’t do it, but all the staff at Gainsborough Nursery School are extremely supportive and are constantly providing me with the reassuring words I need to hear to pull through.”

Meisha’s current role at Gainsborough Nursery School is an Early Years Practitioner.

She said: “I have my own group of children of whom I can plan focussed activities for during a small period of their time at Nursery.

“I believe that children should spend 99 per cent of their time outdoors.

“I personally believe that the outdoor environment alone is as big a teacher as any.

“Instead of children being stuck indoors on their electronic device, slowly damaging their brains, they should be outside playing, no matter what the weather.

“This is something I am exceptionally passionate about which is what led me to contact Stockholmgave Centrum, a ‘Nature Profile’ Kindergarten in Copenhagen, Denmark.

“The children who attend this particular Kindergarten spend the majority of their time outdoors and staff use nature as the starting point for pretty much all of their educational work.

“Within a week of corresponding with the leader of the Kindergarten, I was on an aeroplane on my way to Copenhagen to spend five days gaining first-hand experience in forestry learning.

“After five of the most eye-opening days of my life, I returned to England with a whole load of ideas to share with my colleagues and hope that some of the ideas can be implemented into our setting.”

After she graduates Meisha plans to travel and learn about early childhood in all different countries.

She said: “I love to travel and spent Christmas in Australia, which was an amazing experience.

“I love to exercise and regularly attend step classes at the studio in Gainsborough.”

Last summer the nursery in North Marsh Road was given a outdoor area revamp to include a stream and rain or shine the children are encouraged to get out there and play with the school supplying full waterproof suits to keep them dry.

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