Manton: Banned yobs congregating on streets and parks

Reports of anti-social behaviour at Rainbow Park, Manton
Reports of anti-social behaviour at Rainbow Park, Manton

Notorious yobs banned from Worksop town centre are ‘befriending’ youngsters on the streets and parks in Manton.

Concern is growing amongst parents after allegations small groups are encouraging children as young as 13 to steal from shops and drink alcohol.

It is understood police chiefs are aware of the situation and have been taking action this week to crack down on the anti-social behaviour.

A local mum, who did not want to be named, said: “One of them has been befriending my daughter who is 13. She told her that she is dying of cancer to get sympathy.”

“They have tried to get her to steal from shops and give her alcohol.”

“It first started in the Rainbow Park and has been going on for about two months.”

“I know a few parents who have had similar experiences.”

“I think parents need to be warned that they are hanging around in the area. They should not be around kids.”

Police have been monitoring the Manton area since May after a neighbourhood survey highlighted anti-social behaviour as one of the most ‘concerning issues’.

Officers have been engaging with groups over the summer months and CCTV cameras on the estate and the Canch have been used to gather information.

Neighbourhood police sergeant Mike Taylor said: “We are aware of anti-social behaviour incidents in Manton in the parks and in the area and we take it very seriously.”

“Residents should not be worried and I would urge people to report any incidents.”

Guardian readers have this week also taken to social media to highlight the issue. Tanya Birkin wrote: “My house backs onto the field there it’s disgusting.”

And Katie Tait posted: “The new park behind Villas as been ruined within weeks!”

But not all residents are concerned. Keisha Cooper wrote: “I’ve never had a problem at the Rainbow Park.”