Man jailed for punching partner’s ex-husband after affair

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A man has been jailed after punching his partner’s ex-husband and smashing up his burger van at a car boot sale in Oldcotes.

Bradley Stevenson, 20, was sentenced at Mansfield Magistrates’ Court on Friday, August 14, after pleading guilty at a previous hearing.

The court heard that Stevenson started a relationship with Scott Barker’s wife, whilst he was employed by Mr Barker to work at his burger van.

The incident, on March 15, occurred when Mr Barker asked his wife what had happened after she came back from clearing tables with Stevenson covered in ‘stuffing mix’. Soon after, Mr Barker was confronted by Stevenson, who shouted at him: “What, what, what are you going to about it?”

It was said the inside of Mr Barker’s van had been ‘totally trashed’ before Stevenson carried out the assault.

A victim statement said: “The defendant came towards me and I backed off. My head was punched and I hit my head against the van.”

Stevenson then smashed the van’s ‘sneeze guard’ and the driver’s side door and passenger door, although he denied the claim that he used a wheel brace to cause the damage.

In mitigation, Donna Pursglove, said Stevenson had ADHD as a child, suffered from anger management problem and was ‘very remorseful’.

Stevenson, of Avon Grove, Chapeltown, Sheffield, who breached a court order by committing the offence, was sentenced to 12 weeks in a young offenders institution, eight for the assault and four for the criminal damage, to run consecutive.