Mad hatters in market

I MADE the mistake of popping into Gainsborough Towers at the weekend because I’d left my pipe in my desk draw.

And what a mistake it was. The Market Place was awash with flailing, singing, mad people all banging on about smoking, or rather how to quit smoking.

There was even a giant cigarette, which if you ask me just reminded onlookers to light-up.

I gather the theme of the ‘dance event’ was Alice In Wonderland.

Although why they chose this theme is beyond me. Perhaps it was to do with that three inch caterpillar character who was addicted to smoking?

I never read Through The Looking Glass but I assume we later discover the bug has developed some sort of fatal respiratory condition?

Anyway I locked myself in the office until the commotion had died down, so they did manage to stop me smoking if only until I escaped.