Logan becomes a prince for a day at his fairytale ‘wedding’

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A young boy with a rare medical condition got the chance to be a prince for a day at a ‘wedding ceremony’.

Logan Mountcastle, seven, was diagnosed with the condition Metachromatic Leukodystrophy in May this year.

And since then his condition has deteriorated and he now cannot walk unaided and relies on a wheelchair.

The condition affects Logan’s brain and nervous system so to give him the chance to feel like a prince and have a fairytale wedding his family and friends gathered at the Liberal Club in Gainsborough for a ‘ceremony’ between Logan and his mum, Joelean.

Joelean said: “It was amazing, I was overwhelmed by how many people came. It was absolutely unbelievable. It was definately a day to remember for me, Logan and for us as a family.”

Methodist minister Louise Carr led the ceremony as Logan and his mother made promises to each other.

They were given matching bracelets, which were also given to Logan’s older brother Brooklyn, little sister Lila-May, and were handed out by his best friend Harry Hemingway.

Louise said: “As a Methodist minister I go into St George’s Primary where Logan was a pupil. I lead collective worship and with a team lead Messy Church as an after school club. I heard of Logan’s dream and offered to bless the family as part of the big day and that offer was accepted.

“I took my theme from Logan’s favourite film, Beauty and the Beast. Joelean affirmed her love for and commitment to Logan, he responded and his best friend, Harry read the promises Logan had made to his mum on his behalf. It was loving and emotional.

“It was an immense privilege to share in Logan’s big day. To see the depth of commitment and love from his close family and friends and to be able to offer the blessing and love of God in a difficult situation.“