Lincs: Warning for shopkeepers over selling vape liquid to young people


Shops in Lincolnshire are being warned not to sell e-liquids and e-cigarette components to under 18s.

In an undercover test purchasing operation Lincolnshire Trading Standards found over half the shops it visited sold vape liquids to a 17-year-old.

Officers tested 20 retail outlets, including supermarkets, Vape shops, petrol stations and newsagents. 11 of these outlets, including all the Vape shops, sold the underage test purchaser e-liquids containing nicotine.

Where retailers refused a sale, a range of reasons were given including: refusal following a proof of age request or outright refusal to serve a young person.

Dan Brown, senior trading standards officer at Lincs County Council, said: “The new laws came into force on October 1, making e-cigarettes and its components, including e-liquids and the atomiser which turns the solution into a vapour, illegal to be sold to under 18s.

“We wanted to use this operation to ensure that retailers knew, understood and were following this new law and not selling to young people.

“Sadly, we found that more than half the retailers we tested sold e-liquids containing nicotine to our underage person.

“In this case, as it is new legislation and as so many businesses failed, we decided to give a warning and issue guidance to help the retailers understand the current legislation. We will be retesting these retail outlets and others in the area in the near future, and if they fail the test again they will face fines of up to £2,500.”

If you are a business and would like advice on the age-restricted product legislation call 01522 552490 or visit