Lincs: Toxic cocktails created to warn revellers of dangers of fake alcohol in your drinks

Lincolnshire County Council’s trading standards team has created six deadly cocktails made from counterfeit booze to remind and warn revellers to check what’s in their drinks this Christmas.

The cocktails have been made with fake alcohol containing potentially harmful substances, including chemicals found in cleaning fluid, nail polish remover, paint stripper, petrol, drain cleaner and anti-freeze.

And these cocktails all contain chemicals all discovered in counterfeit booze being sold in Lincolnshire.

“Although Lincolnshire Trading Standards is proactively raiding and seizing counterfeit booze from the shelves of off-licences and shops across the county, we are reminding consumers when buying alcohol this Christmas to stop and think is the product genuine,” said Dan Brown, senior trading standards officer.

“Our cocktails are made with a nasty mix of ingredients which are commonly used as substitutes for ethanol (alcohol), such as methanol and isopropanol.

“These chemicals are potentially very dangerous and whether you drink them shaken or stirred could have a huge impact on your body.

“Symptoms could include vomiting, permanent blindness, kidney or liver problems and could, in extreme circumstances, even lead to a coma.

“Our message is clear: If you see counterfeit alcohol – don’t drink it, report it by calling Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.”