Lincs: Pupils blast off into space exploration event

Teachers taking part in a learning resources session at the Stemming Spcae Exploration event. Picture: Hannah Moss
Teachers taking part in a learning resources session at the Stemming Spcae Exploration event. Picture: Hannah Moss

Local primary schools touched down at North Lindsey College in Scunthorpe for a primary space exploration resources event.

Aimed at primary teachers, the event took place in the college’s STEM Academy.

The event gave teachers the opportunity to learn about space exploration and how it can be embedded into STEM based provision to inspire and engage pupils.

The event formed part of a series of events run by the college for primary schools.

The college is planning to launch a children’s university in the new year and this was the first forerunner event.

Schools had the scope to access a range of resources put together by the National STEM Centre.

The resources were focused around Tim Peake’s mission to the International Space Station this momth.

He is the first British European Space Agency astronaut to visit the Space Station.

The day featured a pre-recorded video message from Tim Peake, published by the National STEM Centre, in which he stated: “Achieving your goals requires hard work and commitment and there is no doubt that science and technology will be at the heart of solving many of the challenges that humanity faces.

He went on to say he hoped that the resources put together by the National STEM Centre and ESERO-UK (European Space Education Resource Office) will inspire a new generation of young people.

Teachers had the opportunity to explore the range of resources presented by Mike Cargill, STEM partnership manager at the college.

The session was interactive and teachers had the chance to put the resources under the microscope and try them out for themselves.

Activities in the Rosetta Primary Resources Book included lesson ideas on the planets, falling stars, meteorites, soft landing, weight on celestial bodies, distance in the solar system and solar power.

Funded by ESERO-UK, the project is part of an incentive to promote space and the use of space to enhance and support STEM teaching and learning.

Mike Cargill commented: “We want to support primary schools in delivering a curriculum rich in technical challenges, STEM content and real world experiences.”

The College will be holding a future event themed on robotics on March 17.

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