Lincs: New mast will help boost broadband for villages

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All Saints Church at Upton is helping wireless internet provider, Quickline Communications with the installation of a mast that will serve the village and surrounding area.

Parish Councillors and residents have worked together with wireless internet service provider, Quickline Communications, and Quickline is now utilising brand new technology to boost local speeds to superfast status.

The company uses a combination of technologies to deliver superfast broadband to remote areas, working without the use of a telephone landline.

It beams superfast internet directly to a residential property or business to provide services that are fast, reliable and secure.

Steve Bolan, operations director from Quickline, said: “This upgrade in Upton is part of our West Lindsey commercial rollout and encompasses many rural communities in Lincolnshire that have struggled with poor broadband for many years and welcome initiatives to improve the service for the residents and businesses. This latest installation is another example of how rural masts can be used for the benefit of the wider community.”

People in the villages of Upton, Kexby and surrounding area within a 10 mile radius will be able to pick up a signal.

Coun Jessie Milne said: “I am delighted to see that the equipment for the church in Upton has been upgraded. It will help to provide the village and the surrounding area with superfast broadband.

“A suitable broadband connection is vital for our community to be able to upgrade our communications from the dark ages to the 21st Century. We have local residents who work from home and have their own home based businesses who now will be able to operate more efficiently.”