Lincs: Help college name its two new marmosets

One of the two marmosets that have arrived at North Lindsey College
One of the two marmosets that have arrived at North Lindsey College

North Lindsey College in Scunthorpe has launched a social media competition to name two marmosets that have just arrived at there.

After listening to students comments requesting for more animals in the animal care department, the college has now offered a home to the little primates.

The two brother marmosets, which are yet to be named, have just moved into a specialist

enclosure in the college’s purpose-built animal management unit.

“The marmosets are the latest addition to the animal management unit at the college,” said

Katie Anderton, animal management curriculum leader.

“We run a range of animal management courses at the college and students have the opportunity to look after and care for lots of different animals including degus, blue-tongued skinks, snakes, chickens, ferrets, exotic insects, guinea pigs, rabbits, fish and lots more.

“We have exotic animals’ native to all over the world and the marmosets are our latest addition.

“The students have been really excited about their arrival.’

Marmosets are a type of monkey and originate from the Atlantic coastal forest in north east


They usually weigh less than a regular can of baked beans and have claw-like nails that allow them to climb trees.

Common marmosets have large white ear tufts, and their tails are striped, with alternate wide dark and narrow pale bands.

Their coats are typically grey, brown and white with streaks of orange.

Penicillata Marmosets are also known as black-tufted marmoset and are similar in appearance but as the name suggests have black ear tufts instead of white.

In the wild, they typically live in small groups of three to 15 and usually spend their days socialising, finding and feeding, whilst all the time staying alert to danger.

They have an average lifespan of 12 years in the wild.

Their natural diet consists of tree gum, insects, lizards, snails, fruits, flowers and nectar and

the college’s marmosets especially like eating locusts and mealworms.

“Since getting the marmosets it has given me a chance to learn about animals which aren’t commonly owned, all of the students,” added college student Danni Baker.

“I know in animal care were extremely excited to learn that we had been listened to when asking for a wider variety of animals.

“This is now allowing us as students to open up our options for what we may want to do in the future, for example, working with zoo animals.

“Since having the marmosets it’s encouraged a lot of students to become more knowledgeable about animals which are not common pets.”

If you would like to enter into the competition tweet name ideas to @northlindsey #NLCmarmosets or post on the North Lindsey College Facebook page.

The closing date is Friday, August 21 at 12noon.