Lincolshire police give newlyweds a special lift after their wedding car broke down

Tweet by Gemma King
Tweet by Gemma King

Lincolnshire police save a newlyweds special day as their wedding car breaks down on the way to their reception.

PC Mark Wood was conducting routine patrols when he came across a broken down vintage car at Swinderby roundabout.

Stopping to assist, PC Wood found the occupants to be newlyweds on their way to their own reception. PC Wood’s then drove them to their waiting guests at Hill Holt Wood.

PC Wood said, “The groom rang his best man to get all the guests outside for their arrival. They were very grateful but anyone would have done the same. I was just pleased to help and I wish the couple all the best.”

Assistant Chief Constable Kerrin Wilson said, “As a Police Officer you sign up for a challenging and varied range of tasks but most importantly you are in the job to serve the community and help people in their time of need. This is an unusual set of circumstances but I am delighted that PC Mark Wood was able to play a vital role in the happy couple’s day. It is not something he will ever forget and no doubt they won’t either!”