Lincolnshire: Police chiefs defend lack of black and ethnic minority officers

News from the police
News from the police

Lincolnshire Police said it would continue to ‘break down barriers’ amid claims that there are not enough ethnic minority police officers in the UK.

Recent Home Office statistics revealed just 1.6 per cent of police officers in Lincolnshire are from black or ethnic minorities, despite the proportion in the local population standing at 2.4 per cent.

Elsewhere, according to the Home Office figures, South Yorkshire Police has just 3.3 per cent, Derbyshire Constabulary 3.4 per cent and Nottinghamshire Police 4.4 per cent.

Speaking at a conference at the National Black Police Association this week, Home Secretary Theresa May criticised forces in England and Wales, saying the figures should act as a “wake up call.”

Assistant chief constable Peter Davies said: “It is vital to the job that we do that we inspire confidence among every section of the community we serve.

“One way to do this is by being representative of the county’s people and that is something we always keep in mind.

“The figures released today relate to black and minority ethnic officers but there are of course a whole range of different aspects of diversity, all equally important.

“What is clear is that we continually break down barriers and challenge preconceptions that could prevent applications from a balanced and diverse mix of candidates.”

Mrs May alsochallenged police over the number of female officers, who currently make up 28 per cent of the UK police workforce - despite representing 51 per cent of the country’s population.