LETTER: Criminals - put good people first and not killers

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How much longer are we going to live in fear of being the next victim of the thugs and murderers we have in our country.

These criminals deserve capital punishment or a few thrashes with the birch.

Those in Parliament, whoever they are, want to open their eyes.

Many of them have a guard wherever they go, like many other people who are supposed to be of high distinction or with titles.

But my life and every resident’s life is equally as important, no matter who we are.

Convicted killers are being held in custody, kept by every taxpayer.

Yet we still don’t have a sufficient amount of money to provide for the many homeless people we have, the people who need food banks, as well as those living in damp conditions, or unhealthy homes.

They are the people who ought to be put first, not rotten lousy killers who delight in others losing their lives, or the filthy thugs who delight in disabling innocent people for life.

I challenge this government to get its priorities right before its members are all the next victims of these ruthless crimes.

If they are, they only have themselves to blame.

Kate Allsop

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