Lea: Residents raise their concerns about a new 450 housing development at parish council meeting

Residents at the Lea Parish Council meeting
Residents at the Lea Parish Council meeting

More than 200 people attended a meeting of Lea Parish Council to inform them about the plans to build 450 new houses in the village.

This meeting followed an extraordinary meeting where 24 members of the public attnded to voice their concerns over the proposed large scale development.

These homes, off Willingham Road, are Phase one of the development and Phase two is for a further 2015 homes.

Questions raised at the meeting by the public included concerns about drainage, sewerage, surface water drainage, trees felled, wildlife habitat, flooding, public footpaths, speed restrictions, increased traffic, potentially an increase in 1710 people, shortfall of doctors, oversubscribed primary school and road improvements.

Betty Gash, clerk at Lea Parish Council, said: “A powerpoint presentation was given by Frank Powell where the members of the public had the opportunity to ask any questions during the presentation at set times to the Speaker, Parish Council and West Lindsey District Council. The presentation showed slides of the proposed new development location and a photograph of Lea as how we would like to preserve it. There were several statistics given in particular on the proposed increase in the number of people and drivers in the village.”