Keep in trim after Christmas with Isle Lose It

Exercise class led by Sue Taylor taking place at Thurlow Pavillion in Epworth
Exercise class led by Sue Taylor taking place at Thurlow Pavillion in Epworth

Keeping in trim after the Christmas festivities and indulgences can be a struggle, but following basic fitness principles can help.

When it comes to this time of the year it’s natural that some people eat and drink to excess and come January they find they have piled on the pounds.

It is estimated that around 50 per cent of people in the UK never lose their Christmas bulge.

It is reported that over the festive period, the average Brit will gain a whopping seven to 10 pounds in weight and more than 50 percent of them will NEVER lose it again.

These make pretty shocking statistics don’t you think?

While I could sit here and write an article telling you what not to do to pile on the pounds over Christmas, I kind of think it may well fall on deaf ears. We are all going to overindulge, but taking positive action in the New Year will prevent you from being one of the 50 per cent of people who never lose the gained weight again.

So let me share a few fat loss secrets with you that will help you to finally get the body shape and health you really want.

Nutrition – stay away from processed foods which includes bread, pasta and white rice.

Hydration – drinking around two to three litres of clean fresh water everyday (with nothing added).

Keep caffeine down to a minimum (Only one cup per day).

Exercise – 45 minutes of structured supervised exercise three to four times per week.

Sugar – avoid sugar and all sugar substitutes. Read food labels very carefully.

Sleep – getting seven to eight hours of sleep per night is paramount for good health and fat loss.

People have to be aware that results do not come quickly. The advice is to be consistent with a fitness, food and health regime.

If people take the advice I give them they will see results within 28 days – just keep following the programme. The first 28 days are about re-balancing hormones and then keeping on top of the principles I have advised. Our three main principles are nutrition, exercise and support.

If you would like to know how to put all of the above together into an effective health and fitness plan for 2015 contact Sue or Jane at or call 07912 367300. My ‘Just Do It January Camp’ starts on January 5.

You can join the hundreds of people who have already benefitted from working with Isle Lose It Fitness Camps. If nothing changes then nothing changes.

The plan we produce can be followed by anyone. The nutrition plan is fail safe and exercise programme suits all fitness levels. If you gain weight at Christmas you can make 2015 your year where your health and your fitness comes first.

You can join us for a FREE taster session as part of our annual Chocolate Amnesty Camp at Epworth Thurlow, Station Road, Epworth, 10-11am, January 3. You must be over 18 and bring a donation of unwanted Christmas goodies for The Salvation Army.