John Mann MP ‘doesn’t see how’ Donald Trump could visit UK after ‘sickening’ comments

John Mann MP is pictured.
John Mann MP is pictured.

Bassetlaw MP John Mann says he “doesn’t see how” US President Donald Trump could visit the UK after retweeting posts from far-right group Britain First and making “sickening” comments about Princess Diana.

The MP has branded US President Donald Trump’s decision to retweet inflammatory vidoes from far-right party Britain First “appalling”.

He also said he was “sickened” to hear the President’s comments about Princess Diana on a radio show, in which he called her “crazy” and said he would have “no hesitation” in sleeping with her, with DJ Howard Stern in 2000.

Mr Mann said: “A few weeks ago I invited Bruce Springsteen to celebrate the 400th Anniversary of the Mayflower pilgrims, as he is more representative than President Trump.

“I am particularly sickened by his comments about Princess Diana, and I don’t see how he could visit in a royal wedding year.”