It’s snow-time

As heavy snow fell across the district this week, Retford readers have been sending us their snow pics capturing the best of the winter wonderland.

Several schools across the area closed on Monday as many families headed out to enjoy the frosty weather, going sledging, playing games in the park and building snowmen.

Janet Ashton and her daughter Hannah captured these stunning scenes across Retford and Clumber Park, showing son James and friend Jack Taylor having fun in the snow.

And Bassetlaw Council chairman Ian Campbell sent us these beautiful shots of King’s Park in Retford and the War Memorial outside the Town Hall.

Coun Campbell said he was delighted to see such beauty captured in the snow.

“We have much to be proud of in Retford and the wider district. And whilst I’m sure everyone can agree that the snow does cause us problems, the snow also makes our buildings parks and landmarks look extremely beautiful,” he said.

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