Isle residents invited to become Special Constables

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Do you have a talent for diffusing conflict simply by talking? Would you like to take an active role in helping to protect and serve your community?

If so, have you considered becoming a Special Constable?

This weekend is National Specials Weekend, with a nationwide recruitment drive taking place across June 6 and 7, to coincide with National Volunteers Week.

Special Constables are members of the public who volunteer their time in order to support their regular colleagues and provide a valuable link between the police and the local community.

They are warranted officers who have the same powers as a regular officer, wear the same uniform and carry the same equipment.

However, due to the level of training Specials receive, they are not be able to, or expected to, carry out all of the same tasks of a regular officer.

And, the role is becoming increasingly important in the Humberside Police force, with 414 specials officers currently serving – the most the force has ever had.

Since 2010, the hours worked by Specials has gone up by 42 per cent and taking on a role within the team could open any number of doors, with roles in the broader operations and communities areas of the force, as well as more specialist areas such as roads policing, public order and marine.

The role is unpaid, but officers are reimbursed for out of pocket expenses, such as travel.

And, there are a number of other perks, including the opportunity to undergo training which could benefit you in your regular employment too, such as first aid and safety training or coaching and leadership courses.

Joining up can also be used as a stepping stone to becoming a regular full time officer, with the opportunity to apply for internal vacancies and progress through the specials ranking structure.

For more information on becoming a Special, visit