Isle charity Team Verrico grant £14,953.77 towards cancer research

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Isle charity Team Verrico made an enormous announcement on Friday to emphasise their determination to fight the cancers which killed the charity’s founder, local mum Anna Verrico.

The charity’s head of research Nicholas Cranfield, who used to work with Paul Verrico in Leeds and and is now a senior lawyer overseas told the Bells: “We are very pleased to announce that the charity has made a grant of £14,953.77 to support research being undertaken by Dr Melanie Flint and her team at Brighton University.”

The project Team Verrico is supporting will investigate links between stress reduction therapies and the effectiveness of chemotherapeutic drugs commonly used to treat Triple Negative Breast Cancer (TNBC). The ultimate goal of the project is to enable medical professionals to use a patient’s genetic make-up to predict the likely effectiveness of stress reduction therapies thereby enhancing the patient’s treatment, experience and survival prospects.

With support from Team Verrico, Dr Melanie Flint’s team will now be able to examine tissue samples to establish a link between a patients’ genetic variation in stress hormone receptors and their response to chemotherapeutic drug treatment. The team’s aim is to find a link between these genetic variations and patient outcome. It’s this kind of research that can make a huge difference to people like Anna who are facing a rare cancer diagnosis.

Dr Melanie Flint is a senior lecturer and cancer researcher. She is currently co-leader of Brighton and Sussex Cancer Research Network and a member of the Cancer Translation Advisory Group Steering Committee and Theme leader for Cancer. Dr Flint is also a member of the NCRI Symptom Management Working Group.

Dr Flint trained in the women’s cancer research center, at the University of Pittsburgh cancer institute and remains at adjunct research assistant professor in the Department of Pharmacology, University of Pittsburgh

Mr Cranfield continued: “The project Dr Melanie Flint is running fits perfectly with Team Verrico’s aim to provide grants for research into new treatments and ways of diagnosing responses to the treatment of cancer, especially TNBC. We also fund research into the challenges faced by long term survivors of cancer as a result of the physical and psychological consequences of their diagnosis and treatments.

“If you are interested in applying for a Team Verrico research grant or would like more information please contact me, head of research Nick Cranfield via”

Charity chair and Epworth resident Paul Verrico added: “We have more announcements to make over the next few weeks as we continue to build the charity’s senior team and extend the scope of our services. This research project is one we all have high hopes for.”