Is the circus coming to Gainsborough

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Gainsborough news

GAINSBOROUGH Town Council discussed the potential of a circus coming to town at the end of the month.

At the October full meeting of GTC, it was revealed that the non-animal ‘Planet Circus’ were interestedin holding an event at the Levellings between 31st October and 4th November.

Several councillors raised concerns about damage to the grass, and suggested that the event take place on Aisby Walk instead. Coun Mel Starkey however, argued that residents near Aisby Walk may be against the idea.

Mayor Lesley Rollings said: “It’s a hard balance - we are often accused of not doing enough for the town and there will always be people who don’t like things like this.”

Councillors then voted in favour of offering Aisby Walk as an alternative location for the circus, and charging £500 to use the land.