Instrumenta music project to play BBC Ten Pieces

The Instrumenta project takes place at Lincoln Drill Hall
The Instrumenta project takes place at Lincoln Drill Hall

An exciting and innovative project is taking place at Lincoln Drill Hall next week.

Commissioned by Lincolnshire Music and Arts Education Hub and supported by national music charity Orchestras Live, a young producers group calling themselves Instrumenta has been working with City of London Sinfonia to present two extraordinary concerts.

The group, aged 15-18, has been nominated from four different city schools and academies alongside three young people from a group called Fretless, the Drill Hall’s forum for engaging Young People in decision-making, which is run by the Lincolnshire One Venues’ (LOV) Young People’s Programme.

Attracting around 600 young people from Lincoln secondary schools (years seven and eight), the concerts will focus on the BBC Ten Pieces repertoire but will be presented in a unique way by the young people.

Over the past weeks the group, supported by Orchestras Live, CLS, the LOV team, University of Lincoln, theatre and opera designer Giuseppe Belli and project manager, Simon Hollingworth, have put together the whole show.

The event is on Thursday, March 4, for more information, visit