Inspirational girl

Little Romany Emmingham has been awarded a Guardian Rose for completing a charity race - just days after an operation.

The inspirational seven-year-old was nominated by her proud grandmother Alana Turner.

Romany, who suffers from cerebral palsy, completed the 5km Race For Life at Clumber Park with a plaster cast on her leg.

“The whole family are just all just really proud of her,” said Alana.

“We lost my dad to cancer a few years ago and she said its for him and for all children who are poorly.”

“I did it last year and she said she wanted to do it this time. It was all her own idea.”

The Redlands Primary School pupil and her mum Anna McIntosh camped at Clumber Park the night before the race to make sure she was as rested as possible for her challenge.

“We took her down in her wheelchair, but she wouldn’t get in it,” added Alana.

“She managed to get the whole way round without it - it was a struggle but she did it.”

Modest Romany took the whole experience in her stride.

“It was quite hard, bit I managed without my wheelchair,” she said. “My great granddad died from cancer just after I was born so I wanted to raise some money to help other people.”

The family have been overwhelmed by how generous people have been.

“A stranger stopped me in the street after the last story about Romany in The Guardian and gave her £50,” said mum Anna.

“People have just been coming up to us and giving us donations and there is still sponsorship money coming in - she has done so well.”