If I shovel snow from my drive, can I be sued?

Can you be sued for shovelling snow?
Can you be sued for shovelling snow?

Although there are no immediate snow warnings in the region, there is a good chance we may see some white flakes fall later this month.

Every year we see people out on their driveways shovelling snow, but could they actually cause more damage by doing so?

We don’t associate shovelling snow with having legal action taken against us, and why would we?

It’s just harmless, right?

Well, in theory, yes.

And you would have to be incredibly unlucky for it to happen.

The Met Office’s Snow Code states: “Don’t be put off clearing paths because you’re afraid someone will get injured. Remember, people walking on snow and ice have a responsibility to be careful themselves.

“Don’t believe the myths, it’s unlikely you’ll be sued or held legally responsible for any injuries if you have cleared the path carefully.”

But that doesn’t totally rule it out, does it?

It is the responsibility of local authorities to clear snow and ice from the public highway.

But, if one day you get fed up of waiting for them to turn up and take matters into your own hands, then it could be a costly error.

By shovelling snow from one part of the road to the other, if done irresponsibly, which results in an injury being caused to another person, then legal action could be taken, despite it being very difficult to prove.

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