I’d fire the lot of them

I HAD the misfortune of tuning into the final of this year’s Apprentice on Sunday night.

I’ve seen the show before but realised long ago that every year it’s exactly the same. They might as well just repeat the first series, no one remembers the candidates anyway.

A bunch of over-dressed, over-confident, over-the top business wannabe tycoons poncing about London in Sugar’s gas guzzlers, trying to flog nodding dogs to idiot tourists.

I’ll stick with staring out the window at the rain, ta.

Although I did notice that this year’s final was in fact just an eaked-out version Dragon’s Den where the candidates present their ideas for Lord Sugar’s approval.

Of course the problem is what if the one with the best business plan got stubbed out in week one because he couldn’t make a tasty dog food?