Hospital parking costs

As a member of staff I am writing after seeing how much money has been sent recently on car parking at Bassetlaw Hospital.

Like other staff I am refusing to pay the £4 a day charge.

This in turn is causing problems elsewhere with people parking on side roads and other car parks.

If the management had put a sensible charge on parking, like a £1 a day for staff I’m sure they would have been prepared to pay it, but £20 a week to come to work is disgusting!

Workers such as domestics, porters, health care workers and so on don’t earn big wages unlike the managers and the charges are far too much, the lowest paid workers always get stung.

The Trust recently took away the radio and TV licences from all staff and visiting areas (not pay as you view) because they cannot be seen to be paying for such things in the present climate.

So no-one can play radios in their offices any more, then they wonder why staff are fed up, morale at the hospital is very low.

They wont pay the licence fee but they will throw away half a million on a parking fiasco.

Getting rid of a couple of managers would pay for car parking and a radio licence!