Hose-pipe ban won’t be lifted

Gainsborough Riverside G100922-1e
Gainsborough Riverside G100922-1e

GAINSBOROUGH is still under strict drought rule as Anglian Water has confirmed that the hose-pipe ban in Lincolnshire will not be lifted in the near future.

The water utility firm issued the statement last week, following an earlier announcement by the Environment Agency that drought conditions had ended in 19 areas of the county, following April’s record-reaking torrential rain.

An Anglian Water spokesman said that the situation ‘remains serious’ in our region.

“While the rain has helped to refill our reservoirs, levels in the natural, groundwater aquifers remain significantly below normal,” he said.

“Water abstracted from aquifers accounts for half of all the water we supply to customers.

He added: “Some of the rain has found its way into the aquifers and some recharge has taken place.”

“However, these underground stores were very low – in some cases historically so – after two years of well below average rainfall.”