‘Help is out there’: Support drive for Bassetlaw carers who look after loved ones full-time

One of Molly's favourite pictures of her and Ken Warren before he became ill.
One of Molly's favourite pictures of her and Ken Warren before he became ill.

An elderly Retford carer is lending her support to promote the help that is available to reduce the stresses and strains of caring for a loved one this Carer’s Rights Day.

Molly Warren, 85, has been a full-time carer for her husband Ken, 86, for 10 years.

Ken has a range of health problems including dementia, diabetes, deafness, poor sight and arthritis.

Molly has been receiving support from the Nottinghamshire Carers Hub for a year, which is funded by the County Council and the six clinical commissioning groups across the county.

The service has help put in place short breaks for Molly by placing Ken in a care home for short periods.

Molly said: “I think I wouldn’t be alive today without the help I’ve received from the hub as I simply couldn’t go on looking after Ken on my own.

“I slept most of the time during my first week’s break and it was the rest I desperately needed.

“This has made a massive difference and afterwards I felt more patient towards Ken’s demands so it’s allowing me to be a better carer.

“My support worker from the hub is like a good friend and I can pick up the phone if I have a problem.

“ I would encourage anyone in a similar situation not to struggle on alone – there is help out there.”

The County Council is spending £4.5m on support for an expected 8,000 carers over 2016/17.

Carers may be eligible for a personal budget to be used towards items or activities such as gardening equipment, a spa day or driving lessons to benefit their wellbeing.

Short breaks are also available to give carers time away from their caring duties as well as a crisis prevention team for them to call if they are struggling.

Councillor Muriel Weisz, chair of Nottinghamshire County Council’s Chair of Adult Social Care and Health Committee, said: “It can be tough caring for a loved one and many carers feel too proud to raise their hand for help, which puts their health and wellbeing at risk over the long-term.

“All carers are entitled to information and advice from the County Council to find out about what is available to help with their caring duties.”

To find out more about help and support available call 0115 8248824 or visit www.carerstrustem.org.