Heavy snow hits Gainsborough

A car accident in the snow in Knaith, near Gainsborough
A car accident in the snow in Knaith, near Gainsborough

DISRUPTION was seen across Gainsborough after heavy snowfall on Monday - with more forecast towards the end of the week.

Not only did the area see a spate of road accidents, but schools were closed and businesses suffered as temperatures plummeted and a thick blanket of snow fell on Monday.

This photo shows the scene on Gainsborough Road in Knaith where a Renault Megane flipped onto its roof on a verge at 1.22pm. Two elderly people from Ashby de la Launde were rescued by emergency services and taken to Lincoln County Hospital but are not believed to be seriously injured.

Shortly after, at Kettlethorpe, on Ferry Lane, at around 1.30pm, a Toyota Yaris left the road on a bend and flipped into a ditch. The driver was not seriously hurt.

Other road accidents that day included in Morton at 2pm where a single vehicle crashed and was damaged but no one was hurt, and on Thorndyke Way in Gainsborough at 2.15pm where two vehicles collided but no passengers were injured.

The snowfall also saw the early closure of Charles Baines Primary, St George’s Primary, Morton Trentside Academy and Beckingham Primary schools before West Lindsey District Council announced that Tuesday’s market in the town centre was cancelled ‘due to adverse weather’.

However, a number of traders still set up shop on Tuesday morning.

One stall-holder told The Standard: “We’ve set up because the area is fine and perfectly safe - it’s ridiculous that the council would cancel on us like this. We’re really struggling today. It has killed trade and it’s really not fair.”

“They didn’t even do anything to inform us that is was cancelled.”

But Head of Strategic Growth at West Lindsey District Council, Grant Lockett, said: “We made the decision on Monday to cancel the market, based on the weather conditions and the safety risk to the public, traders and staff.”

“Our priority was the health and wellbeing of everybody involved.”

“The market is usually set up by our staff on a Monday night but we considered it unsafe to do so due to the snow and icy conditions.”

“We attempted to call all traders and announced the cancellation through the usual channels, including social media. It was also announced on local radio stations on both Monday and Tuesday.”

He added: “We apologise for any inconvenience this may have caused.”

Many local residents have also complained that not enough was done to grit public areas in advance of the snow - with Market Place, Lord Street and surrounding roads proving particularly treacherous.

The Standard put this to Lincolnshire County Council, whose Principal Maintenance Engineer David Davies said: “We salt 1,869 miles of Lincolnshire’s main roads, including all A and B roads, but we cannot routinely treat pavements as well.”

“However, we have subsequently been able to grit some streets in the Gainsborough area, including Market Street.”

“We also provide salt for almost 1,900 grit bins located across the county for the public and local organisations to use on a self-help basis.”

He added: “To find out where your nearest grit bin is, please contact the Highways Customer Service Centre on 01522 782070 or by filling out a form on our website at www.lincolnshire.gov.uk/highwaysreporting.”

Towards the end of the week, temperatures around Gainsborough are not expected to rise much above zero degrees - and more snow is forecast for Friday evening and Saturday morning.

A Lincolnshire Police spokesman said: “Please take extra care when driving in the icy conditions, and should heavy snow return we would ask people not to travel unless absolutely necessary and stick to main roads wherever possible as many minor roads and side roads may be closed or impassable.”

“If venturing out drive with care and leave in plenty of time.”

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