‘It’s disgusting and truly unacceptable’

Dr Zyg Evershed  (G110711-4a)
Dr Zyg Evershed (G110711-4a)

A Gainsborough woman has delayed surgery to avoid being placed on a ward at Lincoln County Hospital which she said was ‘sickening’.

The woman, who asked not to be named, said that she received ‘disgusting’ care when admitted to Branston Ward at the hospital in June.

“I was made to get off a trolley in a dining room in front of visitors in only a gown,” she said. “I was left waiting for hours and hours – I was completely and utterly ignored.”

“Eventually, I had to put my clothes back on because I was cold and the level of hygiene was absolutely disgusting – it was sickening.”

She added: “They have notices up around the hospitals about how patients can expect privacy and dignity – but I had none of that.”

“It’s a shame because John Coupland Hospital in Gainsborough is spotlessly clean and the staff really care, but what I experienced in Lincoln was just disgusting.”

So much so, that she has now refused surgery at the hospital after being told that would be admitted to the same ward. She will now be admitted to Nottingham instead, but does not know when.

“Now it’s going to delay an operation on my ovaries that I need,” she said. “If they couldn’t get basic care right before, then it doesn’t fill me with confidence about what would happen after an operation. No amount of reassurance will change that – it’s frightening.”

She added: “I have no faith in the hospital whatsoever.”

Her GP, Dr Zyg Evershed from Caskgate Street Surgery, Gainsborough, said that this was not the first complaint of this nature made against Lincoln Hospital that he had heard.

The GP said he fully supported his patient’s wish to delay her surgery to be cared for in another hospital.

“If her description of what happened on that ward is correct, then I think that’s it’s absolutely right and she has no alternative,” he said. “If others have experienced something similar, I would urge them to write a formal letter of complaint to the chief executive, and failing that, go to the press as a last resort.”

A spokesman from United Lincolnshire Hospitals NHS Trust responded by saying: “We have worked directly with the patient to address her concerns and we apologise if the care she received did not meet the standards we expect to deliver. We expect all patients to be treated with dignity and respect at all times and are working to ensure this is the case.”

He added: “We have also offered our reassurance that the ward has an excellent track record of infection prevention and that it is normal procedure for any patients arriving on the ward to be asked to wait in the waiting room.”

Regarding other complaints against Lincoln Hospital that Dr Evershed referred to, a spokesman from the trust added that they would only be able to comment on specific cases and that they were dedicated to delivering the highest standard of care.