Isle youngsters raise awareness of benefits to a healthy life


An intrepid group of Isle friends have spent their summer holidays raising money for a worthy cause.

Going under the name Isle Tri it, the four boys, who all live in Epworth and attend the town primary school, took part in the Humberside Police Lifestyle initiative.



Sam Forster, Sam Davies, Harry Bradley and Thomas Steel, all aged ten, decided to spend the summer break raising awareness about the benefits of living a healthy lifestyle, and at the same time raising cash for Bluebell Wood Children’s Hospice.

The boys recently completed a triathlon which involved swimming 20 lengths of Epworth pool, then biking 10km and finishing off with a 5km run. The group told the Bells: “One of our aims in doing this is to promote a healthy lifestyle for children.

“We hope our triathlon will inspire other children to be more active, and we intend to share what we have done by leading a school assembly.

“As well as that we will but put up posters around Epworth to encourage young people to make healthy choices.”

They also took part in a litter pick at Epworth Thurlow to improve the space in order to encourage young people to use the area more often.

To date, they have raised over £300 for the charity.

Mum of Sam, Jo Forster said: “They organised all this on their own.

“I am exceptionally proud of the boys.

“They have been a brilliant team and have worked hard to achieve their initial goal of promoting healthy lifestyles, whilst also raising money for a worthwhile cause.

“It has been a valuable project for them to participate in as they have been able to give something back to their local community over the summer holidays.

“Well done boys.”

Lifestyle is a project that was set up in 1989 to challenge young people to get involved with their communities, using their spare time to make a real difference.

A Humberside Police spokesman said: “This is not just about diverting young people from getting involved in crime and antisocial behaviour, it’s about inspiring them to make positive choices and want to help others.”