Hospital staff picked by patients as their ‘stars’


Patients at Northern Lincolnshire and Goole NHS Foundation Trust have been having their say on which staff should be recognised at the Trust’s annual Our Stars awards.

Each year patients visiting hospitals in Scunthorpe, Grimsby and Goole and accessing the community services run by the Trust are asked to nominate their NHS heroes for the ‘Patients’ Choice Award’.

Patients and their loved ones were asked to put forward individual staff members or teams that made a real difference to their experience and created a lasting impression on them.

A panel of patients met recently to shortlist three finalists:

Nicola Barrell, neonatal intensive care unit, Grimsby hospital - the patient who nominated Nicola said: “Nikki is an amazing lady. My little girl, who has just turned one, was in neonatal for a brief spell when she was first born. Nikki made a lasting impression on me because you could see she had a passion about her role and was highly skilled in it. Not only that she’s got the ability to make even the scariest of times less worrisome with a shoulder to cry on and support for parents as well as devotion for her tiny patients. I was very poorly post-delivery and ordered to bed to rest. There was no way that was going to happen easily and she knew I’d break orders to come up to the unit to be with my baby as her shift ended. The delight and glee and tears that I had when she arranged for my daughter to be cared for at my bedside with me doing as much as I possibly could... you know it’s not often someone can be so kind and think of the bigger picture rather than just the task in hand. I’ve thanked her many times over and still a year later I tear up at the compassion and kindness she showed me during one of the most scariest moments of my life. I’m forever thankful to her, she will always be remembered as an amazing nurse who helped my daughter and I bond at a difficult time and guided us both through and out the other end with laughter smiles and lots of support. She is simply amazing. A true diamond of the NHS.”

Ward C1 Holles (medicine ward), Grimsby hospital - the patient who nominated the ward said: “My mother received excellent care at the end of her life on C1 Holles Ward. As a nurse with over 40 years’ experience and having spent over 12 hours a day with my mother for the two week period she was receiving care in the hospital, I am well placed to observe and show appreciation for such outstanding care. It really was some of the best nursing care I have seen. From the ward sister Sarah, staff nurse Carol (a brilliant nurse who listened and supported me) as well as student nurse Trish (who brought in her son’s bingo game and brought the ward together to enjoy a bank holiday game), the consultant who made time for me and many other kind and extremely professional nurses. My mother was treated with respect despite her dementia and I saw the difference first hand in allaying her fears (terrors) by treating her in this kind way. This quality of care appears to stem from the high standard the ward sister sets and it must be a beacon to other wards in the hospital.”

Neonatal intensive care unit community team at Scunthorpe hospital (Sue Eagles and Claire South) - the patient who nominated Sue and Claire said: “Sue and Claire both made bringing my daughter home a less frightening experience. I had spent 12 weeks in NICU with my daughter Erin as she was born premature at 28 weeks and three days due to pre-eclampsia (I was cared for by Scunthorpe for nearly four weeks prior to delivery, who were also fantastic). Not only was my daughter on home oxygen that took some organisation from NICU staff and the community team, she was on a number of different medications, of which one needed to be refrigerated and discarded after seven days and it had to come from the hospital chemist. Sue and Claire made sure I always had the medication (they even dropped it off on some occasions). I knew that they were always at the end of the phone if I had any concerns with Erin. I once read somewhere that not all superheroes wear capes. We all remember the staff on the ward, the consultants and paediatricians but tend to forget how important the community team are in getting things back to normal. From the bottom of my heart I would like to say thank you.”

The winner of the Patient’s Choice Award category will be revealed alongside nine other staff awards at the Our Stars 2016 event at the Forest Pines Hotel and Golf Resort on Friday October 7.