Free neutering for cats in Gainsborough

Gainsborough news
Gainsborough news

A FREE neutering campaign has been launched for cats in Gainsborough.

Raoul Dowding Veterinary Surgeons, at Cleveland House, on Spital Terrace, Gainsborough, is offering the service again after the success of an appeal last year.

A spokesman said: “The reduced amount of unwanted cats and kittens that Lincoln Cat Care and us as a practice have seen has certainly been reduced.”

“So we are happy to support the charity again and the free neutering is starting. So if owners of cats which need neutering want to take advantage of this great service then please get in touch.”

You can contact Raoul Dowding Veterinary Surgeons by calling 01427 612188 or Lincoln Cat Care on 01522 306195. Raoul Dowding Veterinary Surgeons can be found at Cleveland House, 16 Spital Terrace.