‘Dramatic surge’ in numbers visiting A&E

WK27 Rotherham Hospital
WK27 Rotherham Hospital

Rotherham Hospital bosses are urging people not to use the A&E department unless they are seriously ill or injured.

The Rotherham NHS Foundation Trust has said there has been a ‘dramatic surge’ in patient numbers recently.

But often those patients with less serious ailments could have been treated more quickly elsewhere.

George Thomson, executive medical director, at the hospital said: “A&E and hospital care is designed for patients who are badly injured through a car accident for example or showing symptoms of a critical illness such as chest pain.”

“But increasingly we are seeing people who do not necessarily need hospital treatment at that time.”

“It is important people choose the most appropriate care for their needs as this will help us provide services more quickly for those patients who really need emergency treatment.”

“In this way patients can be cared for across the health care system in the most efficient and effective way possible and specialist resources are able to care for those most in need.”