Guest columnist: New Gainsborough Travel Guide is out now

The new Gainsborough Travel Guide has been published
The new Gainsborough Travel Guide has been published

The popular Gainsborough Travel Guide, introduced last summer by Gainsborough, Retford and Brigg bus and rail users group (GRaB) has been updated in a second edition released this week

The new version extends the train timetable to include Meadowhall, a popular shopping destination, especially at this time of the year.

The guide is available from Gainsborough Guildhall, library, Old Hall, Town Council, Trinity Arts Centre and other outlets around the town and beyond Gainsborough at Doncaster Frenchgate bus station, Retford bus and railway stations and Lincoln railway station.

The Travel Guide is the last publication to be produced by GRaB.

Future editions will be published by the North Notts and Lincs Community Rail Partnership.

The Community Rail Partnership (CRP) consisting of councils, train operators local volunteers and community groups aims to improve and generate travel by rail and bus.

The CRP covers 11 stations in North Notts and northern Lincolnshire.

It is a bottom up organisation with four area groups being the key parts of the organisation.

Each area reflects local methods for developing travel.

I chair the West Lindsey area and Rick Brand chairs the neighbouring Bassetlaw Area.

The West Lindsey area includes both Gainsborough stations, Central and Lea Road, as well as Market Rasen and Saxilby stations.

Gainsborough Lea Road and Market Rasen stations have volunteers who greatly improve the appearance of their stations.

The CRP will be able to offer them practical support and encouragement.

The CRP would also like to create a similar group to take care of Saxilby Station.

Gainsborough Central station remains a ‘basket case’ station with its three trains a week, all on Saturday.

A recent problem over car parking has been resolved.

It now costs just £1 to park there all day.

Its overgrown appearance has been lessened by the removal of trees but it still lacks any sensible shelter for passengers and no means of communication between the train operator, Northern Rail, and waiting passengers.

Gainsborough Lea Road station has, however, improved communication between its train operator, East Midland Trains, and passengers with the recent installation of a help point at the station exit besides the Welcome to Gainsborough sign.

Unfortunately the welcome sign has been peppered by shot gun pellets.

Passengers who see any incidents of vandalism, drug taking or drunkenness are encouraged to text the British Transport police on 61016. In an emergency call 999.

The Bassetlaw area are pressing for a lift serving platform three at Retford station.

It would make changing trains arriving from Gainsborough with East Coast trains a lot easier.

With the cooperation of Virgin Trains East Coast and Railfuture we hope the funds may be forthcoming in 2017.