Gritters geared up for weekend snowfall

Guardian News
Guardian News

GRITTERS will be out this weekend with more snow predicted to fall across the region.

Snow is set to fall early on Sunday afternoon and Notts County Council’s highways department will be closely monitoring the situation over the next 48 hours.

The council said day shift gritting teams are being put on standby for Sunday daytime in order that a layer of salt can be in place before the snow arrives. This is in addition to salting operations which take place overnight as the temperatures dip.

The county council has 23 gritting vehicles across the county, each covering a route of A and B roads and main bus routes that takes them around three or four hours.

In addition, 11 other vehicles have been fitted with snow ploughs in readiness for heavy snow.

Householders are being asked to help the gritters in their task by, wherever possible, not parking their cars on the road.

Residents are also being reminded that the salt in county council supplied yellow grit bins are for use on roads and pavements and not on their own drives.

The council is also urging people to be good neighbours and help clear residential roads, paths and pavements by following the Government’s Snow Code – which gives clear advice on clearing snow and ice safely.