GRINCH’S ADVENT CALENDAR: A right royal waste of time

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To mark the countdown to Christmas, every day we will be opening our alternative advent calendar - what annoys us most about the ‘most wonderful time of the year’.

While it may be a time for fun and families for some, for others it’s a festive hell, purgatory wrapped up in an unwanted present and draped in tinsel-covered torment.

Here’s what our very own office Grinch has to say about it:

December 9: The Queen’s Speech

Every year, at 3pm on Christmas Day, we are treated to a coma-inducing speech from our beloved regal leader.

If the 6,000 calories at dinner isn’t enough to have you nodding off, then this is final nail in the coffin.

Recorded well in advance, it’s a snorefest that needs doing away with. It’s like the world’s most boring video blog.

How can someone who has never lived a normal life even begin to communicate with the general public?

It’s usually requested by your great auntie who needs to hear the speech to satisfy her royalist right-wing views.

And by letting her watching it, you hope she will then go so you can finally break out the booze.