Greencore pay rise row

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Guardian News

GREENCORE have denied claims of bullying and intimidating staff over a proposed 2.5 per cent pay rise row.

A worker contacted the Guardian to say staff were being called in and told their jobs could be under threat if they took industrial action.

“People are frightened to speak out and feel intimidated if they do,” he said.

“It’s every man’s right to strike when it’s done properly through lawful channels - not to be bullied and spoken to in the way they have.”

He added: “There have been several cases of bullying which have been covered up in the company and something needs to be done.”

A Greencore spokesman refuted claims that staff had been intimidated over the pay rise issue.

“I would like to make it very clear that Greencore does not endorse bullying or intimidation at any of its sites,” he said.

“Nor do we believe that any bullying or intimidation has taken place at our Manton Wood facility.”

The spokesman said the company felt its proposed 2.5 per cent pay rise is a ‘fair offer’ considering the current economic climate.

“The Unite union has rejected the offer and shown no willingness to move from its current position. What Unite has failed to do, however, is communicate the long term impact their demands of proposed strike action could have on people at the site,” he said.

He added the proposed strike action is ‘a serious matter’ and that it is important the workforce has ‘clear and full information’ before the ballot.

“Open communication is a core value at Greencore, and given the seriousness of the consequences of Unite’s position, Greencore held a series of staff briefings, led by the category Managing Director, with the site General Manager and Category HR Controller, which explained Greencore’s position and made the point that strike action could have a serious long term impact with regards future customer contracts and therefore the long-term employment prospects at Manton Wood,” he said.