Grammar School youngsters

THIS week’s picture is of the first year at Gainsborough Grammar School (now Queen Elizabeth High School) in July 1953.

From left to right, back row: Terence Hought, Malcolm Knowles, Maurice Hall, Dennis Grocock, Neil Ayris, Bert Graham; second row: Dennis Weston, Alan Denton, Richard Sheppard, Brian Newton, Keith Butler, Tim Robinson, Arthus Dewick, Cookie, Tim James; third row: Terence Bailey, Peter Clarke, Gordon Robinson, Stuart Plumtree, Iva Sadler, Tony Tregaskis, John Horsley, Tom Hinchcliffe; front row: Gerald Baines, ? Allen, Eric Hindley, Billy Boyce (teacher), Roger Jubb, John McKay, David Nicholson, Alan Marshall, David Halstead.