GPs will no longer prescribe over the counter medicine

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Following a consultation with members of the public across Lincolnshire, the four Lincolnshire Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCG) have approved the restricting of prescribing of over the counter medicines used for short-term, self-limiting conditions.

In addition, the four CCGs, Lincolnshire East, Lincolnshire West, South West Lincolnshire and South Lincolnshire, have also approved these restrictions/limitations, all of which were part of the medicines management consultation.

To restrict the prescription of gluten-free foods, to limit prescribing to bread, flour and bread mixes only within Coeliac UK recommended quantities, to restrict the prescribing of baby milk including specialist infant formula and to restrict the prescribing of oral nutritional supplements in line with ACBS guidance.

Over the counter type products like paracetamol and antihistamines will no longer be prescribed for short-term, self-limiting conditions, in these instances patients will be encouraged to buy their own from their local chemist or supermarket.

Equally, only gluten-free bread, flour and bread mixes will be available on prescription, non-staple gluten-free foods, such as sweet biscuits, cake and cake mixes will not be prescribed.

The prescribing of baby milk, including specialist infant formula, will be restricted if they can be purchased by the patient themselves.

However, baby milks that are only available on prescription for premature babies or those with long-term conditions will still be prescribed.

Oral nutritional supplements will also no longer be prescribed unless for those with serious, long term conditions and patients will be encouraged to follow the ‘food first’ approach to ensure they get all their nutritional requirements from liquidised and fortified foods.