Get yourselves down the pub!

FINALLY a great campaign I can fully throw my great weight behind – Supporting Gainsborough’s pubs.

I’ve watched in horror as pub after pub has shut up shop before my very eyes.

These buildings that were once at the heart of the community are now left boarded up and forgotten about like Gainsborough’s old magistrates’ court.

It breaks my heart to see all those old buildings written off to the history books as just another pub closed down by a rise in prices, a recession and a smoking ban.

Too many people these days opt to stay at home and drink in front of the telly with X-Factor (of all things).

You can’t get much sadder if you ask me.

This is no way to live!

Being taken to the pub for my first pint with my old dad was a right of passage for me, and one other 18-year-olds should be allowed to experience, before all the true English pubs are just a memory.

And pubs around Gainsborough have so much to offer punters that you simply can’t get from a can of warm cheap lager from Tescos.

As well as charity events, theme nights, curry nights, quizzes, discos, karaoke, snooker, pool and darts, there’s also the atmosphere which, when the landlord gets it right, should be the pub’s unique selling point, not the booze.

Why do you think the sitcom Cheers was so successful?

No one wants to watch a programme set in the booze isle in a supermarket do they? No. They want to go ‘where everybody knows their name’.

Looking at the comments from landlords on page two it’s great to see them getting behind the campaign too.

But for this really to have legs pub managers need to get in touch and shout about what you’re doing so well, and our reporter will write about it!

Together we can remind readers what they are missing, and get business booming again.

I’ll drink to that!