Garden centre cafe is worth a visit alone

Lemon Tree cafe at Living Garden Centre, Saxilby G110216-2
Lemon Tree cafe at Living Garden Centre, Saxilby G110216-2

SUMMER is setting in and with longer, brighter days, we’re all looking for more leisurely ways to spend those lingering sunny afternoons.

Many of you might head to a garden centre with dreams of spending more time basking in the great outdoors.

However, as you know, ‘glorious’, ‘Lincolnshire’ and ‘sunshine’ are three words seldom seen in the same sentence.

But to guarantee yourself a little sunshine, why not brighten up your afternoon by stopping off at The Lemon Tree Cafe in Saxilby?

Nestled inside the Living Garden Centre the cafe is a destination in its own right. With comfy sofas and coffee tables scattered around a vast but welcoming area inside the garden centre, this cafe achieves a comforting charm through its simplicity.

With quite a few diners whiling away the day in these quaint surroundings, it struck me that a number of them had made the visit simply to enjoy the cafe, rather than just as an after-thought while spending money at the garden centre.

They offer much more than you’d expect from a little tearoom. I spent quite some time perusing my extensive options of omelettes, salads, jacket potatoes, baguette melts, and cakes.

The day’s special twice-baked potato with mushrooms, bacon and onion looked pretty enticing, and I was tempted by the heart-warming soup of the day being enjoyed by some nearby diners, but instead opted for a chicken wrap with chips and a large cappuccino. My wrap was stuffed to bursting with wholesome chicken and fresh and tasty salad, while the chips were chunky and piping hot.

Filling as my meal was, I felt as if I had to finish it off with something special, so I approached the array of cakes and puddings on the counter with much excitement.

Expecting just a thin sliver, I asked for the lemon drizzle cake, but to my surprise my £1.50 got me one of the biggest chunks of the lightest, and most delicious cakes I’ve eaten in such establishments. Now that’s value.

Everything about The Lemon Tree Cafe is as refreshing as its name suggests - especially the service. With a smile and some friendly banter, the staff were attentive and warm. I felt as if I could watch the hours tick by for the rest of the day, only to be disturbed by the heavy rumble of the occasional train passing by.

It’s hardly five-star grub, but if you want something, quick, simple, satisfying and made with care, then you can’t go wrong with The Lemon Tree Cafe.

By Andrew Trendell

Star Rating HHH