Gainsborough: Win An Apple A Day tickets

An Apple A Day
An Apple A Day

Pulham Down is a serene backwater where time, like the people, stands still.

Doctor Lethaniel Ostrich is endlessly trying to make his life simpler. After conning Mr Tibbett from the Ministry of Health into assigning an extra doctor, Ostrich’s dream of a sham retirement with Miss Plunger comes true - until Tibbett is forced to cut numbers and only one doctor can remain.

But who will it be? And how will he decide?

An Apple A Day is a slapstick farce by JohnHewer, presented by Hambledon Productions at the Old Nick theatre on Friday 18th October. And the Standard has two pairs of tickets on offer.

To be in with a chance of wining, answer this question. Q) Where is An Apple A Day set?

Send your answer and phone number, to An Apple A Day competition, Gainsborough Standard, Marshall’s Yard, Gainsborough, DN21 2NA or email by the closing date of Monday 14th October.