Gainsborough: Trusted roofer wants to reassure his customers

Stuart Otter outside his Otter Roofing van
Stuart Otter outside his Otter Roofing van

A Gainsborough roofer was shocked and angry when he heard someone had claimed to be from his company to scam money from one of his customers.

Stuart Otter, 29, of Otter Roofing Ltd was called by one of his customers after they had received a visit from two young men who had claimed to work for his company.

Stuart said: “My customer told me someone had turned up at his house demanding payment for work which had not even been carried out.”

“There were two young lads, one in his early 20’s and one about 15 or 16-years-old, smartly dressed and with a new white van with ladders on top.”

“They had already been on his roof before they even knocked on the door, and then claimed they had repaired the guttering and needed payment for this. The customer advised them that all was in order, and nothing needed doing to his roof as Otter Roofing had provided him with a reroof 5 years ago. The young lads then claimed they had already ‘fixed’ the guttering and that ‘Mr Otter’ had sent them to carry out this further work.”

“He rang me and I explained to him that I had not sent them, then we both reported this to the police.”

“I have developed a well trusted business in the area and we want to assure people that we would never turn up without being asked to.”

“No professional tradesman would do this kind of thing.”

Otter Roofing Ltd has been established in Gainsborough for 11 years and is the only company which focusses solely on roofing; they have also, more recently expanded into the installation of solar panels, working alongside the Solar Team also based in Gainsborough.

He drives a blue work van which clearly displays the Otter Roofing Ltd logo and he will be dressed in branded clothing.

Stuart added: “I have a lot of loyal customers who know I can be trusted.”