Gainsborough: Time to ‘muck in’ and report dangerous mud on the roads, says Council

Lincolnshire County Council
Lincolnshire County Council

Lincolnshire County Council wants Gainsborough motorists to keep an eye out for muddy roads this winter and report them to the police.

During the winter months mud on the roads can become treacherous through wet and slippery weather conditions, putting lives at risk if it isn’t cleaned up.

Mucky roads come from farming, quarrying and development works and responsible operators should have the correct equipment to clear the roads during and at the end of each working day.

Those that don’t take prompt and effective action to remove it are guilty of offences under the Highways Act 1980, but could be charged by the police of much more serious offences, should an accident result from mud left on roads.

Councillor Richard Davies, executive member for highways and transportation at Lincolinshire County Council, said:“We’ve already seen several instances where dangerous amounts of mud have been left on the road, which should have been cleared by whoever was responsible.

“This is creating an unacceptable hazard to drivers and could cause serious accidents.”