Gainsborough: Thugs spat on man as he lay beaten on the ground

Lincoln Crown Court G120131-3
Lincoln Crown Court G120131-3

Three men who beat up a man and then spat in his face as he lay helpless on the ground have each been locked up by a judge at Lincoln Crown Court.

The trio pursued victim Daniel Wilkinson through the streets of Gainsborough before cornering him as he was about to get into a taxi and flee the scene.

David Outterside, prosecuting, said Mr Wilkinson was followed from Trinity View into the town centre and onto Church Street.

At one point they lost sight of Mr Wilkinson but were then assisted by a 14-year-old boy directed them to where he was.

The court heard how Mr Wilkinson was spotted as he approached a taxi driver. He was shouting for help and managed to open the taxi door but was grabbed by one of his pursuers, Jamie Mills.

Mr Wilkinson was then punched to the ribs and then punched and kicked as he lay on the ground.

The 14-year-old boy also joined in and at the end of the incident one of the attackers, Liam McDonough, spat on Mr Wilkinson.

The attack was caught on CCTV cameras and an operator alerted police. The attackers fled from the scene when officers arrived but were later arrested.

Mr Outterside said the incident began when Mr Wilkinson, who had been drinking in the Blues Club, walked past Burton’s flat and closed a window.

The three men, who were at a party in the flat, then gave chase.

Jamie Mills,22, of Spital Terrace, Gainsborough; Liam McDonagh, 19, of Long Elms, Harrow, North London; and Leon Burton, 25, of Trinity View, Gainsborough; each admitted assault occasioning actual bodily harm as a result of the incident in the early hours of 10th April this year.

They were each jailed for five months.

The 14-year-old was dealt with earlier at a youth court hearing.

Judge Michael Heath told the three defendants “The only sentence I can justify for this is immediate custody.”

Craig Lowe, for Mills, said he was normally a well-behaved and well-mannered man and had learned his lesson from the incident.

Sunil Khanna, for McDonagh, said he had travelled from London to attend the party.

He said McDonagh accepted what he did was disproportionate to what had happened earlier.

Mr Khanna, who also represented Burton, said Burton reacted after verbal abuse was shouted through the window.

He said Burton simply snapped and was ashamed and desperately sorry for what he did.