Gainsborough: The Guildhall will become a public services hub

The new Guildhall at Marshalls Yard.
The new Guildhall at Marshalls Yard.

The Guildhall in Marshalls Yard will soon become a one stop shop for residents offering a number of different public services.

Building works to remodel the ground floor are due to start on Monday 18th August, so that the Job Centre Plus (JCP) can move into the Guildhall at Marshall’s Yard from its offices in Heaton Street, Gainsborough and the full jobcentre services will be available with more digital capacity.

This will be the start of transforming the West Lindsey District Council building into a public services hub, providing a one-stop shop for residents and customers.

Initially those services occupying the ground floor will have to move to other accommodation.

Some of these moves will be permanent and some temporary.

The Voluntary Service Centre will be moving to new office space on the first floor and this move will be made permanent.

It is planned that the customer services will move at close of business on Friday 15th August at 4.30pm and will reopen in their new first floor temporary reception on Monday 18th August.

The main and the side entrances will be closed and a new temporary entrance set up on Spring Gardens, opposite the RWB accountants.

A council officer will be available to help and advise customers when they enter the building at the temporary entrance.

Deputy leader of the council, Coun Anne Welburn, is pleased about the transformation within the Guildhall.

She said: “We apologise for any inconvenience caused by the building works, but we want to make things as easy as possible for our customers.”

“By providing as many services as we can under one roof, will ultimately save time and make life simpler for residents.”

Work on the ground floor will start during the week of 11th August, but this will be in areas that have no impact on reception.

For more information about the changes to the Guildhall or how to contact West Lindsey District Council visit or call 01427 676676.