Gainsborough: Swimming pyjama parties are fun with an important message

Puddle Ducks have been hosting their special pyjama parties at DW Fitness in Gainsborough.

The parties are designed to ensure young children have fun while at the same time pick up vital basic skills when it comes to being able to swim.

“Everyone would agree that it is extremely important to learn to swim,” said Lydia Slater of Puddle Ducks.

“Not only is it great fun and fabulous exercise, but it is also a key lifesaving skill.

“At Puddle Ducks we go one step further – we incorporate lifesaving activities in all our programmes, from birth through to school children.”

“Fun and bonding is at the heart of our classes, and because of this the children don’t even realise they’re learning to swim and are acquiring a skill that could save their lives.

“Each term we hold a pyjama party where we have a real focus on fun, but there’s a serious message behind it.”

“Being in water in clothes helps children to realise how it could feel if they got into trouble while out playing.”

“In a controlled environment in a pool they can learn how to cope with this situation, so if it unfortunately happened out there in the real world, they’d be more equipped to deal with it.”

“In our pyjama parties we conduct simple rescues with woggles including reaching and towing rescues”

“We make this lesson a lot of fun, but the children understand the importance of it too.”

Classes at Puddle Ducks range from teaching parents how to hold their babies in water, up to increasing teaching life-saving aspects to children as they get older.

These include teaching children the best way to resurface and swim to the side or to a parent should they fall into water.

The pyjama parties are a big part of that.

“It is incredible to see school children and even three and four year-olds in pyjamas shouting from poolside to their friends to ‘keep kicking’ and ‘swim to the side’, “ continued Lydia.

“For the school children, the lifesaving lessons are even more thorough – including working towards RLSS (Royal Life Saving Society) Rookie Lifesaving Awards.”

“Children swim in their pyjamas, dive to the bottom of the pool to rescue a ‘baby’ and bring their ‘baby’ back to the side in a safe manner.”

“They learn about the water safety code and how to respond appropriately in a real situation.”

“We are not only passionate about making swimming fun – we know that we can potentially save lives too.”