Gainsborough students celebrating another great year of A-level results

Students collect their A level results at Queen Elizabeth�"s High School, Gainsborough, pictured are Abby Marshall and Daisy Cookson
Students collect their A level results at Queen Elizabeth�"s High School, Gainsborough, pictured are Abby Marshall and Daisy Cookson

Students in Gainsborough are celebrating after another excellent year of A-level results.

At Queen Elizabeth’s High School (QEHS) in Gainsborough 114 students gained A and A* grades between them, with many students gaining the grades required for moving onto high education or apprenticeships.

This year saw more than half the students gaining at least one A or A* grade and 55 per cent of all grades were at B or above.

Ben Davenport, 17, is heading to Lancaster University to study Business Management, after getting an A and two B’s in Maths, Business and Physics.

Ben said: “Eventually I want to run my own business. I already have my own mini business involving casual clothing and street wear.”

David Allsop, headteacher, said: “Both staff and students have worked incredibly hard over the past two years to ensure they fully understand the demands of the new A-level specifications and that hard work has been rewarded with a superb set of results this year.

“The number of students gaining the challenging A* grade in many subjects has continued to rise and more than half of the students gaining at least one A or A* is testament to the hard work and dedication the students and staff have put in.

“QEHS is proud to have remained a local grammar school serving Gainsborough and the surrounding area which has a higher than average percentage of students described as disadvantaged by the government.

“Every single one of these students in our sixth form gained three or more A-levels and half of them gained at least one A or A* which means they all now have the best possible chance of finding a high quality post 18 option, be that an apprenticeship or a place at a good quality university.

“Over the past few years we have seen more of our students opting for a competitive and high quality apprenticeship as an alternative to university and the same is true this year.

“One student, who gained straight A grades, has a place with a national employer on an apprenticeship for which there were 500 applications for only 10 places.

“What is important is that each student is able to choose the right option for them and these results mean that almost all students have a wide range of high quality options available to them.

“We are extremely pleased for those students who have gained places at the most prestigious universities and courses and we also celebrate with those students who have worked just as hard to gain places on courses which are recognised as being the best in their own chosen fields.

“I would like to wish all of our QEHS alumni the absolute best as they progress to the next stage in their learning and look forward to hearing about their future successes in years to come.”

The school has seen a number of students receiving offers from universities including Oxford, Cambridge and Durham as well as courses such as medicine, veterinary science, dentistry and law and apprenticeships.

Overall 53 per cent of students gained at least one A or A* grade, 26 students gained three or more A and A* grades with seven gaining straight A* grades in all their subjects.

There was 44 per cent of students who gained three or more B grades, one in five gained two or more A grades, 25 per cent of entries were graded A* or A and 55 per cent were B or above.

There were 66 students who gained an EPQ, which is a qualification valued by universities for identifying the top candidates and preparing students for university life, with 72 per cent gaining an A* or A grade.

More than one in three students gained ABB, which is the minimum set of grades required for almost all universities and 100 per cent of students from disadvantaged backgrounds gained three or more A levels with 66 per cent gaining three above a C grade and 50 per cent gaining at least one A grade, giving them access to a wide range of opportunities.