Gainsborough: Sir Edward Leigh ‘condemn’s’ Network Rail’s designs for a crossing at Gainsborough Central Station for not having disabled access

Edward Leigh MP
Edward Leigh MP

Network Rail’s plans for a new crossing at Gainsborough Central have stoked the fire of Gainsborough MP, Sir Edward Leigh.

The company, which maintains Britain’s rail infrastructure, announced plans for a new crossing that fails to include ramp access.

Sir Edward said: “I condemn unequivocally Network Rail’s plans for a ramp-less replacement crossing at Gainsborough Central.”

“It is brazen of Network Rail to make plans for this station that completely ignore the needs of disabled travellers as well as those with prams.”

“I’ve volunteered with the disabled myself and I know how difficult it can be for people in wheelchairs to get around so I’ve written to Network Rail to express my objection to their plans.”

“I hope they do the right thing and bring in a proper crossing with a ramp to this station which has faced chronic under-investment from Network Rail.”

A Network Rail spokesman has said more research will happen before plans for the bridges are finalised.

He said: “Network Rail is committed to improving access at stations and works closely with train operators and the Department for Transport to deliver improvements.”

“Unfortunately there are many stations which were built many years ago with little consideration of accessibility issues.”

“A full diversity impact assessment will be completed as part of the development of this project.”

“This will help to finalise what facilities will be required.”