Gainsborough: Retired firefighter swaps a fire engine for a racing car

Mike Marot is pictured with his colleagues
Mike Marot is pictured with his colleagues

A Lincolnshire firefighter has swapped fire engines for racing cars after he retired from the fire service.

After 33 years with the Lincolnshire Fire and Rescue service, Mike Marot, has hung up his uniform.

But he will not be relaxing during his retirement as he focuses his attention on Marot Pro Driving.

Marot Pro Driving is Mike’s business where he teaches dare devils race track skills.

The medalled firefighter, who has been seconded across the globe during his career, has enjoyed a successful career and was even honoured with a Nato peace medal for exemplary Fire Service humanitarian work and assistance in the Balkans and South America.

Mike said: “I have had an amazing time working at Lincolnshire Fire and Rescue, with some fantastic experiences and opportunities, plus a lifetime of amusing memories from some of the incidents I’ve attended including rescuing Dame Judi Dench.”

In 1990 he and his crew, rescued Dame Judi Dench from the Theatre Royal in Lincoln when she fell off stage.

Mike and his colleagues also enjoyed appearing in ITV’s ‘London’s Burning’ television series.

He added: “I am really looking forward to the next chapter of my life, taking Marot Pro Driving forward, with the support of my wife, Susan.”

“I have driven some of the world’s most exciting and demanding roads and race circuits, regularly working with prestige performance car manufacturers testing new vehicles.”

“I can pull upon my experiences, not only from blue light driving and instructor communication skills, to teach people how to fully understand ‘how’ and ‘why’ we need to control the car, and that speed is not the important factor, but ‘technique’.”

Throughout his career Mike has served at Skegness, Lincoln South and North, BHQ and Search and Rescue and the training department at various ranks and roles.

Mike finished off his career as operational Watch Command Support overseeing Gainsborough and Saxilby stations.

Marot Pro Driving launched in July 2011 and instructs clients in both the UK and Europe how to get the most from high performance cars.

Mike has over 30 years of performance car ownership and driving experience and drivers are taught techniques to aid their driving enjoyment and safety.

For more information about Marot Pro Driving or to book a one on one tuition session at a race track, such as Blyton Park or other racetracks in the UK or abroad, visit